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Hello! My name's Miguel Franco Serrano. You can call me Miguel, Miggy, Franco, Mico, John Lloyd Cruz, Logan Lerman or even Bob (Where did I get this name?!). Anything you want. I don't mind.

Well, I cannot describe myself but I think I'm insane, noisy and a pain in the ass for everyone. I am weird in my own way because I like drinking gravy using a straw. I also love to procrastinate.

I sing. I dance. I act. I write. I declaim. I play the guitar. But I'm not good at all of those things. But I think I excel at solving math problems sometimes.

I am myopic which is a very good thing for me 'coz I have to wear spectacles like Harry Potter, though mine is not round. :)

I wanna be a Billionaire so freakin' bad. I want to travel all over the world. I also want to visit Pluto someday.

I'm a glutton because of pizza, doughnuts, pasta, DQ ice cream, chocolates, Nutella, and Cup Keyk Cheesy Topps. Just thinking of them makes me drool.

Harry Potter is my hero. And I am Peeta Mellark!

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NO SPITTING IN BAGUIO. Para maging malinis ang Pilipinas..

NO SPITTING IN BAGUIO. Para maging malinis ang Pilipinas..

Posted on April/30/2011
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